Candidate terms

RickRut is an online test platform that companies use within the context of recruitment. The access to RickRut is reserved to RickRut clients, RickRut employees, and candidates that are invited by a RickRut client.

By using RickRut as a candidate, you accept the terms below and you are committed to respecting them. If you don't accept these terms, we kindly ask you to not use RickRut.

What are your commitments as a candidate?

By using RickRut, you commit to:
  • being the person who was invited by the recruiter
  • benefiting from no outside help during the test
  • answering sincerely and honestly the questions, assessments, video recording, and reviews
  • not sharing with anyone the content of the test, questions, and answers
  • being respectful of the other candidates. In particular, you promise not to insult, lie or discriminate on RickRut.

What are you rights?

By using RickRut, RickRut commits to:
  • not sharing your data outside of the following people or organisations: (1) the client who ordered the test, (2) the subcontractors in charge of hosting and processing your data, (3) a selection of candidates that will provide feedback on your anonymous answers, (4) any law enforcement officer, in case of an official investigation.
  • protecting your data again accidental loss, unauthorised loss, alteration, or divulgation.
  • giving you the ability to access or modify your data by sending an email to [email protected]
  • giving you the ability to delete your data when it is no longer necessary by sending an email to [email protected]
  • sending you a copy of all your data in response to a request at [email protected]

You also have, in respect of the national and european regulation, a right to oppose the information about you.