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Tests push candidates away.
RickRut pulls them towards you.


We test your candidates with concrete and on-the-job situations that they might actually face if hired.


We ask candidates to give each other feedback to make the process more human, interactive and valuable.


We leverage the data we collect to increase conversion rates and automatically score candidates.

How it works

How does it work?

RickRut's 4 steps approach to recruitment tests.

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Candidates solve case studies
Step 1

Through its online assessment module, RickRut asks your candidates to solve case studies. That's good for two reasons. One, hesitating candidates get a real-life example of what the job will be like. Two, you're assessing them based on their abilities rather than their education.

Other candidates assess the answers
Step 2

In your assessment, candidates are also voting for the candidates that answer best. By doing so, they're telling you who you best talents are. The goal here is to detect and engage with these high potential profiles.

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We gather data and insights
Step 3

RickRut's algorithm analyses consistency of scores to identify patterns of behavior. We then assign a score for the answer as well as for the quality of the feedbacks.

You decide what to do next
Step 4

Once we know how able your candidates are, we build a personnal profile ! It features a video, an overview, a ranking and the detail of the answers.

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Great businesses have chosen RickRut. We are proud to be part of their success.

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