A new kind of interview

A RickRut interview is an online, gamified assessment.

Interview @ Google (Demo in French)

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What are the benefits?

RickRut interviews are easy to set up and allow you to qualify precisely many applications.


Save up to 70% of your time by letting RickRut handle all the preselection.


Open up to diversity by focusing your criteria on capabilities and potential.


Impress your candidates, and give them personal feedback.


Divide by two your response time.


Manage your recruitment process by collecting data.


Increase your chance to find the ideal profile.

What they say

All candidates that come out of the tool are qualified.

Elodie B. HR @ Tenzing

I had received more than 100 applications; RickRut saved me a huge amout of time!

Elsa T. Hiring manager @ Roomlala

How does it work ?

RickRut interviews are online assessments that use the gamification technique called peer assessment. It enables a human and affordable screening of all applications on criteria such as behavioral, aptitudes, and soft-skills.

1. Publish

Collect applications from all channels (network, career site, JobBoards etc...)

2. Challenge

Offer challenges to your candidates (open-ended questions, problems, & evaluations)

3. Wait Innovation

Our interviews, powered by peer assessment, automaticly score the answers.

4. Interview

See the ranking and the profils of all applicants. Decide who you schedule an interview with.

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Because we believe that recruitments should be human, fair, and demanding.